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Let’s first see what is acai and benefits of acai. The acai berry is a small, dark blue to purple fruit from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. At first glance, not very different from his brothers and sisters from the berry family. But looks can be deceiving. This little miracle pales into the super food category. And that he does-not just happen. The acai berry because it contains the highest concentration of antioxidants ever found and is bursting with amino acids, fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins and essential fatty acids.


All well and good, but what does that exactly, potassium? Or antioxidants? Amino acids and? Now, potassium is necessary for the nerve impulse conduction, maintaining a normal blood pressure and is good for the energy metabolism in the muscles. Antioxidants are important nutrients for a healthy metabolism of the body and we need to so-called free radicals (that come into our bodies by stress, air pollution and smoking) counter. It is obviously not for nothing that our French neighbors to the south, not afraid of a red wine or two, much less suffer from cardiovascular disease. In the red grape sit namely also antioxidants, but soon tens of times less than in the acai berry.

Then we have the amino acids. These are the building blocks of proteins and muscle tissue. These proteins are in turn essential for growth, repair and maintenance of the skin, muscles, organs, bones, hair and nails. Furthermore, would the fiber and unsaturated fatty acids in the acai berry your digestive get a boost, provide the antioxidants and vitamin E to delay the aging of your body and the crone a 100 percent natural stimulatory effect on the burning of body fat.


Curious as we are, we asked ourselves: does it really work? On the worldwide web we clicked a box Açaí powder (capsules, there is only “Açaí extract” in) in our digital shopping cart and we turned to testing. Every morning your editor began her day with a bowl of soy yogurt, blueberries and two scoops of Acai powder. No yogurt eater? The powder can also be mixed with fruit juices or smoothies.

Your editor is addicted. Soy yogurt is not only very nice purple color of this superbesje, you feel much more energetic smack and get less appetite for sweets. After four weeks of acai powder by soy yogurt also lie the scales themselves: the fat percentage is much less. ‘t Weight itself unfortunately not, but several websites ensure that, in combination with a diet, berry boosts everyone’s metabolism. Do not expect absolute panacea so, but the acai berry can be called a rete healthy fruit species with law.

Loose wait NOW or NEVER!

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